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Campaign Update [Mar. 27th, 2008|06:32 pm]

Dear Las Vegas Fans,

Vegas fans truly are the best!

Thank you all for doing an incredible job contributing to the campaign. Due to your success over 21,000 people have signed our petition, we have raised over $6200 and sent out over 10,000 Booties to Ben Silverman's office in the past month! That’s incredible.

And the best news is, we are being heard by NBC. A lot of pressure is being put on them to give us our ending and if we just keep all of this up we have a good chance of getting the real ending (and maybe more) to our favorite show, Las Vegas. TVGuide even ran another update today on their site urging Vegas fans to keep sending booties! http://www.tvguide.com/Ask-Ausiello

To keep the pressure on NBC, we are asking everyone who can, to please give between $5-$10 to help continue buying baby booties to ship to Ben Silverman. One case is 39$ (1 case = 72 pairs of baby socks). Just think of how many booties we could flood NBC with if everyone donated even 5$? The amount would be incredible! So let’s really rally and show them that we are not going to go away quietly and let them cancel our favorite show! If you would like to do your part and donate please follow this link: http://lasvegas-theseries.com/campaign/donate_save_las_vegas.html We really appreciate your help and hope you will continue to join us on http://www.lasvegas-theseries.com.

Besides donating, here is a list of a few other things you can do to help:

- Sign the petition and forward it to all you friends (we mail this to Ben every time it hits a big benchmark.

- Send Letters to NBC President’s Ben Silverman's office as well as Jeff Zucker, and Marc Graboff (Post in forum when you do)

- Send Baby Booties to Ben Silverman's office (Post in forum when you do)

- Donate $5-10 to help us mail big shipments of baby booties off to NBC

Lastly, continue to spread the word , email your friends and family and get them involved because every little bit helps.

Thank you so very much for your continued support! As Gary Scott Thompson says "You're the greatest fans in the world" Lets show NBC we can accomplish our goal and get the ending we deserve!

Thanks Again!

Allison, Jeff, Leah, Kelly, Ruud, and Jay

-The lasvegas-theseries.com Operation Baby Bootie team